1.     To make a difference to the lives of our clients

2.     To have empowered clients

3.     To aid and inspire clients to become more informed and take an active role in their wellbeing

4.     Clients are confident, connected to their community and its services and maintain their independence in the community

5.     Clients are assisted to achieve their short and long term goals and remain engaged in the community.

6.     Clients are well supported and have increased their strengths




1.     To ensure we employ a skilled workforce delivering services to our clients

2.     To provide a quality service to clients through striving for best practice and excellence

3.     To provide individualised person-centred care

4.     To regularly review the services performance through quality improvement activities

5.     To grow the service and service delivery models according to needs where required

6.     Achieve a more efficient and effective use of limited health and community resources in the region

7.     Reduce inappropriate and avoidable service use by improving client access to necessary services and assistance

8.     To increase communication between providers, especially General Practice (key to all health care provided in primary care)


ELPE Health will ensure that services are planned and delivered in a manner that involves the client in identifying the goals that they wish to achieve and plan the services and supports they will need to assist them in achieving those goals. This self-determination approach builds the client’s knowledge, confidence and resilience over time to the point that they will be able to take an active role in understanding, accessing support and the services they require.


ELPE Health will work with client and their support network to; build a relationship with the clients and their carers, identify needs, aspirations and desired outcomes in a manner that is easy to understand and is respectful of the client’s circumstances and level of literacy, in turn producing a positive outcome for both client and clinician.


As providers to our current clients we understand their needs and the challenges they face in navigating the service and support system. Many of our clients have multiple and complex health and social issues that would significantly benefit from service coordination.


This participation will ensure that a functional, purposeful, person centred and outcomes focused service and is designed to meet the needs of clients. It will further ensure that evidence of effectiveness is gathered to inform future service planning and resourcing.


Gaps in communication between service and support providers, especially in the health and community services sector, leads to fragmentation, poorer outcomes and lower satisfaction for both the client, their families and support network, as well as service providers.


ELPE Health considers collaborative planning with stakeholders to be essential to the design of an effective and efficient service. Having the flexibility to adapt service provision as required in line with client requirements, best practice, feedback from other organisations and emerging issues, we are confident that ELPE Health will make a welcome difference to the lives of Tasmanian living with multiple and complex health and social needs.


As a new health service organisation in the North West ELPE Health has to grow in size and delivery to compete in the market. ELPE Health will seek funding opportunities to expand the business in relation to health population needs and funding opportunities in line with business mission and vision.

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