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  1. To provide a quality service by pursuing best practice and excellence, continuing to evaluate, adapt and change aimed at service excellence. 

  2. Provide individualised person-centred care by building capability and capacity, Improved knowledge, decision making and choices  

  3. To ensure service provision and staff are considerate, respectful, encourage diversity and respond to the choice, issues that emerge and the needs and values of all clients/participants.   

  4. Achieve a more efficient and effective use of limited services and supports in the region to achieve outcomes, build increased capacity for participants and help them to achieve their goals 

  5. Employ a skilled and suitable workforce, support and strengthen individuals within the service by increasing knowledge and skills and building a culture of excellence 

  6. Be easy for people access, right location, right time, take the service to the people 

  7. Governed by robust governance and operational management systems

NDIS Outcomes:  


ELPE Health ensures that all participants,

  • access supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights and is enabled to exercise informed choice and control. The provision of supports promotes, upholds and respects individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making. 

  • access supports that respect their culture, diversity, values and beliefs.   

  • access supports that respect and protect their dignity and right to privacy 

  • is supported to make informed choices, exercise control and maximise their independence relating to the supports provided 

  • access supports free from violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination.    

  • accesses the most appropriate supports that meet needs, goals and preferences. 

  • Is actively involved in the development of their support plans that reflect participant needs, responsive to requirements, preferences, desired outcomes, strengths and goals.

  • has a clear understanding of the supports they have chosen and how they will be provided.   

  • accesses support in a safe environment


To bring about a positive experience:


ELPE Health will ensure that services and supports are delivered in a manner that involves identifying the goals that are to be achieved, plan the services and supports required to achieve those goals. This self-determination approach builds knowledge, confidence and resilience over time to be able to take an active role in understanding, accessing support and the services they require.


ELPE Health will work with participant/client and their support network to; build a relationship with the participant/client and their carers to identify needs, aspirations and desired outcomes in a respectful manner.


Ensure that services are managed effectively, efficiently and flexible enough to respond to individual strengths and needs.  


Recognize the diversity of all clients and participants including disability, age, gender, culture, heritage, language, faith, sexual identity, relationship status are recognised. Any other relevant factors from the participant/client’s background, and how it may affect their ability to communicate and participate in the person-centred care/client focused partnership is part of providing a service that is empathetic, collaborative, inclusive and sustainable. 


ELPE Health will work with client and their support network that builds relationships with the clients/participants, support persons, to identify needs, aspirations and desired outcomes in a manner that is easy to understand and is respectful of the client’s circumstances and level of literacy, in turn producing a positive outcome for both client.


ELPE Health considers collaborative planning with stakeholders to be essential to the design of an effective and efficient service. Having the flexibility to adapt service provision as required in line with client requirements, best practice, feedback from other organisations and participants and emerging issues, ELPE Health assists Tasmanians living with multiple and complex health and social needs.


The business will identify and manage risks, implement a continuous quality improvement of support delivery, a complaints management and resolution system plus provider’s incident management system, ensuring that incidents are acknowledged, respond to, well-managed and learned from. 


Management of each participant’s information ensures that it is identifiable, accurately recorded, current and confidential. Each participant’s information is easily accessible to the participant and appropriately utilised by relevant workers.  


Future Direction

ELPE Health will continue to build the organisation on needs-based analysis of the community, current trends and review of current market requirements. Feedback from clients and participants is considered when building new or changing existing services.

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