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Lynette Purton, Owner/Director

I have had over thirty years’ experience in the health industry as a Registered nurse, Public Health Nurse and Health Manager. I have a Master’s in Public Health and several post graduate qualifications including project management and Advanced management. I have a wide-ranging knowledge of the development, delivery and facilitation of health programs, education and training. I am highly skilled and experienced in needs-based health service design and delivery within a client outcomes framework.


I have worked in rural and remote Australia in some of the most challenging but rewarding areas and have consequently amassed a large and varied background in the challenges of rural, remote, and Indigenous health.


This experience also extends to high level and demonstrated commitment to client-centered service delivery, ensuring clients have access to information, the opportunity to participate in decision-making as well as respecting and acknowledging client diversity and individual capacity.

Bronwyn McLaren, Owner/Managing Director


I have over 20 years in the health industry, working in General Practice and Primary health for over 15 years

I have extensive experience in program development and implementation, client centred service delivery, and business administration and support.


For 4 years I have been the operational Managing Director of ELPE Health, focusing on quality service delivery, choice and control, self-sustainability and growing this business to be one of the largest on the NW Coast of Tasmania.

Support Coordinators


ELPE Health have a team of 8 support coordinators and management who also complete Level 3 SC that can work for you.

We have been operating for over 6 years and have enormous experience and expertise, and can provide complex and comprehensive supports, both level 2 and 3 SC.

As a team, the service provided is able to draw on the skills of everyone in the team to assist you through whatever journey you are on. This means you often get more than one person working in the background through tricky times.

Erika, Katherine, Suzanne, Imogen, Jessi, Jaclyn, Leander and Sophie have many skills and experience that will assist you with the NDIS plan you have, navigating the environment of mainstream and NDIS supports, sorting out the finer details and making sure you can be linked in to where you need to achieve your goals.

If you would like ELPE Health to provide SC for you, family member or friend please email Lynette Purton, or phone the office - 64256901 to discuss.

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